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Holistic dentistry is the future, and we are here to help you make an informed decision about your oral health. Unlike typical dental practices that focus on treatment with drugs or surgery alone, Dental Healing Art‘s holistic approach considers overall well-being in order for patients to get relief from their pain while also healing emotionally by addressing all aspects of body systems affected through diet changes (including food allergies), supplements plus other natural remedies like homeopathy!

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We proudly are the #1 choice for Holistic Dental Solutions in Monmouth & Ocean Counties including these cities: Spring Valley, Marlboro, Morganville, Hillsdale, Yorketown, Pleasant Valley, Mount Pleasant, Montrose, East Freehold, Englishtown


Holistic Dentistry – What is the definition?

Holistic dentistry is an approach to dental care that takes a holistic outlook on treatment. It’s similar to alternative medicine, but instead focuses solely on your teeth and mouth; it entails natural remedies like plants or other chemicals found in food sources rather than focusing simply on traditional medicines which can be toxic if not taken properly by someone who has never had any experience with them before (such as drugs). The goal behind this type of therapy isn’t just healing one area – instead, they want you healthy all over again!

Robertsville NJ benefits of holistic dentistry?

The benefits of holistic dentistry include but are not limited to:


Holistic dentistry goes beyond dental health. We focus on the underlying causes of gum disease, tooth decay, and, other periodontal diseases by evaluating all symptoms in order to get you back up & running!

Output: Holistically-oriented doctors are not satisfied with just treating your teeth; they want to make sure that everything is working well overall – physically AND mentally. With us as their partner for change (and healing), we’ll help evaluate any concerns or worries YOU may have around pain treatment options so there’s no needlessness added to what should be an enjoyable experience.


We are committed to delivering compassionate care in an individualized manner. Our holistic approach means we treat each patient as a unique individual with their own oral health, overall well-being, and functionality factors considered before deciding on treatment plans for them all tailored accordingly so that you can enjoy optimal smiles even if it comes at different rates of success!


Modern dentistry has evolved past the days when traditional dental practices used harsh chemicals and invasive procedures that could prove harmful. We now use materials without risk to your health, ensuring you maintain maximum natural tooth material for optimal strength and functionality!


Holistic dental practices rely on the latest technology to provide holistic treatment for their patients. The practice has invested in some of today’s most advanced equipment, including diagnostic tools which allow them to pinpoint any problems with your teeth and gums quickly so you can get back into action immediately or enjoy an even faster recovery time than before! Plus they use lasers–which offer more precise results without requiring invasive procedures as traditional surgeries do.


Holistic dentistry offers a truer path to dental health with its focus on biocompatible materials and the safe treatment of teeth problems. They offer Mercury-free filling in NJ, replacing all amalgam fillings for healthier gums as well lessening any risk from lead or mercury exposure that can occur when these metals are used during procedures such as crowns & bridges.


What is the difference between traditional and holistic dentistry?

The practice of holistic dentistry draws from various healing traditions, including traditional Western medicine and Eastern concepts like acupuncture. It seeks to address the whole person by addressing both physical needs such as teeth cleanings or fillings on cavities with no mention of sweets in any form (including candy), while also focusing heavily on prevention measures that provide long-term relief from pain-associated ailments before they arise – whether it’s through managing diabetes via diet alone; preventing heart disease by maintaining proper oral hygiene, or avoiding cancer altogether with regular cleanings and checkups.


What can you expect from a traditional dentist who is also an expert in dental care beyond teeth and oral hygiene, to ensure that your entire body’s system remains healthy with proper treatment? At Dental Healing Arts we offer many different treatments including Tooth decay treatment; gum disease prevention workshops (for those suffering from these conditions); herbal remedies such as Homeopathic Dolers Vest remedy which helps relieve sore mouths after eating hot foods/drinks etc.; fluoride-free products while still being protective against cavities – unlike some other brands on store shelves today!


Are There Any Risks with Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry poses no risks! As mentioned, it exists to offer a safer alternative. The elimination of toxic materials like mercury and lead in dental fillings reduces the risk of double tooth decay due to their absence from your mouth

While there are some studies suggesting certain dangers (e..g., without fluoride), these claims have yet to be proven concretely so you can assume that holistic doctors recommend measures such as proper dental hygiene which will help prevent cavities just as much if not more than traditional medicine does.


With a holistic approach that is safe and effective, we offer the best services for your teeth. We have many options to choose from including bonding extractions surgeries, etc., all of which will solve any issue you may be experiencing with dental health in no time!

Dental Healing Arts is committed to providing quality dental care for everyone. From teeth cleaning and extractions, fillings, or even surgery – we have you covered! With more than 5 thousand patient visits under our belt (and counting), there’s no better option out there when it comes time to make sure that your oral health stays on track at all times of day or night; whether this means dealing with chipped tooth caused by accidentally biting into something too hard while cooking dinner last night–or having Alasdairremove one misplaced molar after another until finally, your smile is perfect once more.


FAQs about Holistic Dentistry

Are holistic dentists general dentists as well?

Yes! A holistic dentist in NJ or any other state must first go through the same dental training required for one to become a general dentist. All dentists in America need to enroll at an approved and accredited school that teaches biological medicine, which is not covered by traditional schools of course but rather it’s something you will learn once on your journey towards becoming knowledgeable about all things related with health care

What is holistic orthodontics?

Holistic orthodontics is the practice of using both dental Appliances and myofunctional therapy to create beautiful smiles. Well-aligned teeth, straightened jaws, and balanced facial features are all attainable with holistic treatments that include expanding appliances like cadence® wearables; they help correct crossbites or crooked pearly whites because we’re born perfect but sometimes life gets in our way!

What material does a holistic dentist use for fillings?

Holistic dentists recommend composite resin or porcelain as alternatives to metal amalgams. These filling materials are non-toxic and may be made of different glasses/plastics than traditional dental fillings such that they do not pose any threat to your health if used in place thereof; however there is another type that contains toxic chemicals like bis GMA (Bisphenol A) known for causing reproductive problems including infertility – so make sure you ask about it before signing anything!

Can root canals be treated by a holistic dentist?

Yes. Root canal treatments are holistic dentist’s specialty. They use traditional methods to relieve pain and may also offer herbal alternatives for those who suffer from severe sensitivity in their dentin or pulp of teeth-related infections, which could lead them on the road towards saving your tooth!

Do natural dentists treat cavities?

Yes! Holistic dentists are a valuable resource for anyone with cavities. Not only do they treat the dental issue at hand, but also discuss other areas of concern that may need attention in addition to amalgam removal and replacement by composite resin which matches natural tooth coloration perfectly!

Is holistic dentistry more expensive?

The misconception that holistic dentists are more expensive than typical doctors has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, with the long-term nature of their treatments they actually cost less in comparison because most dental problems seen by them will be dealt with completely eliminating costly recurring visits to your dentist or clinic for example:

If you’re looking into how much it would cost if I came out every six months versus once annually then there is no difference between visit charges at all! This means one might choose biotic composite filling instead which could range anywhere from $150-$900 depending on what part needs attention.

Does my insurance cover holistic dental solutions?

Holistic dentistry is a great option for those looking to improve their oral health. While it might not be found in most providers’ directories, you can find the right practicing holistic dentist that will accept your insurance and help with treatment plans tailored specifically for yourself! Are holistic dental procedures safe for kids? Holistic dentistry is optimal for your child’s dental health. It can help them avoid pain and have healthier mouths by using less invasive treatment methods that are better suited to their ages, unlike traditional dentists who often rely on painful drills or poisonous chemicals!

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